Ryan Collins, PhDSEO Analyst

I'm a former film student with a deep understanding of storytelling.I'm currently a SEO Analyst at Terakeet assisting clients with data reporting and technical SEO recommendations.

Public Engagement

Academic institutions are NOT doing enough to empower students and academics. I share my own experiences (and failures) to help people find their way.

Speaker at Franklin College

Guest on The Grad School Podcast

Hire PhD Ambassador

Conference Speaker at APPAM

Website Development Talk With
Adam Ross Nelson

Tech Evangelism

Evangelists encourage the adoption of branded tech innovations through various forms of outreach. My dissertation research involved interviewing people who use the "evangelist" label in the tech industry and explored how they evangelized.

Dissertation Copy
Evangelism in the Tech Industry: Interviews with Evangelists

PhD | Indiana University Bloomington | Media Arts and Sciences.

Published Communication Research In:

Data Analytics

Tools mean little without curiosity or a goal in mind. I'm actively looking for effective tools to solve problems and present findings that are clear and understandable for my intended audience.

SEO Tools:
Ahref, Semrush, STAT, Google Search Console.

A Freelance Project Completed in 2021:
Pulls Information from Youtube for reporting purposes with custom, automated Python script. Exports to Google Sheets.

The Result: GoGoPix Blog Post

Google Dashboard

Google Sheets for Web Scraping

Data from Yahoo Finance
Tool: R & R Shiny Library

For Freelance projects, email me at ryanwilliamcollins@yahoo or message me on LinkedIn.